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Wolfkop Weekender

Wolfkop Weekender is an intimate gathering and music event; a best-kept secret, hidden deep within the Citrusdal Valley, past the orange groves and down by the river. In January 2014, this jewel of a venue, and its penchant for a well-seasoned celebration and rolling bassline, was revealed to a group of unassuming revelers, who’d come to the valley under the guise of experiencing, ‘a different kind of weekend away’. We’ve been making good reasons to back there ever since…

Lilo River Flow takes place over a weekend bearing the brilliant brunt of the mid-Summer heat; making for water-based days that see a floatila super-highway take to the river. Festivalgoers indulge the senses in a crystal clear back-to-nature experience and take in cool evenings doused with the adventurous energy of campout. A quality and understated soundtrack floats on a breath of wind by day, and moves you deep into the night.

Power Flower Picnic takes place in the rolling greens of Wolfkop’s camping village when the orange groves are heaving with bounty. The weekend seeks to seamlessly combine the essence of a camping getaway with a grass-roots festival experience. As the wild flowers bask in the glory of the early Spring sun, and run like blankets of colour across the fields; we salute the warmer season with this annual celebration on the Olifant’s riverbank.

Wolfkop combines an effortless landscape with beautiful camping grounds, a curated music selection and wholesome food traders, for a discerning, music-loving audience. The rest is yours to find and frolic to your hearts content. The venue has capacity to accommodate and welcome 600 friends into its magical fold. Free-spirited travellers, this is your next stop.

To book these campsites, please enquire directly with us, as each campsite can accommodate larger groups of between 20 and 30 guests.

For online assistance at any stage of your purchasing journey, please contact us and our support team will respond as soon as possible: